Regaining balance with Multiple Sclerosis

Here at Chiropractic Dubai, we are experts dealing with a variety of musculoskeletal cases and performing pain management treatment. I have encountered a lot of cases with musculoskeletal problems manifesting neurologic symptoms. Most of the patients who come for treatment in our clinic complain of pain. This particular patient of mine is one of the exceptions. She came to our clinic held by the hand by her husband with an obvious manifestation of imbalance and uncoordinated ambulation. From my experience, a patient with these types of symptoms is likely to suffer a cerebellar lesion- cerebellum is a part of the brain responsible for balance and coordination.

The patient was endorsed by the Doctor of Chiropractic for further physical therapy treatment. Physical therapy evaluation was carried out; several specific tests to rule out some neurologic conditions were performed. Her chief complaint and symptoms pointed to a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis and also was supported by the diagnostic procedures she underwent.

The recovery or improvement of the patient does not only depend with the doctor or the physiotherapist alone, it needs multidisciplinary approach including the relatives and the patient herself. , she had difficulty in performing simple exercises. But despite the difficulty of the exercises, she complied with the treatment program and did the exercises religiously. I gave her a home exercise program that can improve her coordination. After several treatment sessions, there was an improvement with her coordination and balance. She can now walk independently without any assistance from others. She had undergone 6 sessions of chiropractic and physical therapy.

In our last treatment session, the patient reported that she can now drive and confidently perform activities of daily living without fear of losing her balance. It’s always a nice feeling that I was able to help others through my profession and can make their life easier and more functional.

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