Pediatric Rehabilitation At Chiropractic Dubai

Each child has a right to reach their optimum potential, develop their skills and to be able to integrate themselves into the society. These initial years are also the crucial times to develop their mental, emotional and physical capabilities that will reflect their future abilities. Working with children challenges me as a PHYSICAL THERAPIST as one of the broad range of specialties.

My interest in pediatric rehabilitation started since I was in college studying physical therapy. During our clinical rotations, I was assigned to a special school wherein I had to treat physically disabled children. Since these initial experiences I have found a natural talent and joy in treating these little children. I learned to treat not their disabilities but as individual children; a part of the society and a person who can still develop their full skills. I have to check their developmental milestones whether achieved appropriately, from inhibiting tense muscle caused by spasticity and hypertonicity. Here at Chiropractic Dubai we do an intensive, focused pediatric rehabilitation, a physical therapy approach that uses therapeutic exercises, movement and play therapy to restore motor function.

A child will be initially evaluated followed by the formulation of a sequence of goals and a plan of care with home instructions for the families to carry over the treatment outside the center. Each child will be trained repetitively and regularly according to their age appropriate activities for the brain to learn in a modified treatment ensuring that a child will not be bored and will have fun during treatment through play therapy while improving their physical abilities.

Neuroplasticity is the ability of the central nervous system particularly the brain to remodel itself in coordination of ENGRAM, meaning that memory traces are stored biophysical or biochemical changes in the brain and the other neural tissue in response to external stimuli. Neuroplastic change can be facilitated and this is a good basis for intervention, method that forces the child to inhibit abnormal reflexes and facilitate functionally achieved developmental milestones. This concept has been most fully demonstrated by the multiple successes of movement therapy thus a careful evaluation of each child’s progress. Our well-equipped gym provides an ample space for our pediatric patient to develop their strength. Focused physical therapy evidence shows that the earlier and more intensive the therapy, the better the outcome.

Children will not remember you for the material things you provided but for the feeling that you cherished and take care of them, with the help of Chiropractic Dubai team; let us put our minds together and see what a good quality life we can make for our children!