Russian stimulation is a form of electrical stimulation that uses electricity to contract muscle tissue. After injury or surgery, you may be experiencing muscle weakness. Often, muscles are inhibited after an injury and are unable to generate a forceful contraction. Russian stimulation is used to help improve the contraction of your muscles; it is a type of electrical stimulation often used to strengthen muscles.

It was originally developed by the Russian Olympic team for the enhancement of muscle mass. Its objective is to increase a muscle’s ability to generate force. There is 10 seconds of stimulation and a 50 second resting period. This will be repeated in a sequence for 10 minutes.

• It is commonly used to assist  in strengthening a muscle following injury or surgery, such as a quadriceps muscle known as the Vastus Medialis, or  the obliques, which is often weakened during knee surgery.
• Prevent muscle atrophy associated with prolonged knee immobilization following ligament reconstruction surgery or injury
• Treatment of acute edema when applied to produce muscle pumping.
• Used also for post pregnancy treatment like diastasis recti which is a separation of the abdominal muscle with a two finger breath
• Scoliosis patients
• Foot drop
• Temporary paralysis with in stroke patients

The Russian Stimulation is more effective than voluntary contraction alone (i.e. with no supportive stimulation. This type of stimulation is motor versus sensory because it will cause your muscle to contract.

Vivian E. Garcia,PTRP