Combination Therapy using Ultra Sound and Electrical Stimulation

When patients think of physiotherapy, they usually think of stretches and rehab, and that does form a part of what we do. However, healing of the injured muscle should be the first priority, and then we strengthen and restore muscle function.


One of the treatment methods our team of physiotherapists apply in order to treat this, is combination therapy. In general terms, combination therapy involves the simultaneous application of ultrasound (US) and electrical stimulation (ES) therapy. The combination of the two increases blood circulation, reducing inflammation, and decreases pain.

Therapeutic ultrasound uses high frequency sound waves to generate tissue vibration that creates heat in the treatment field.  Electrical stimulation often used for neuro-muscular reeducation and decreasing pain through nerve blocks, (decreasing ) atrophy and muscle spasms while increasing range of motion. It also reduces edema through sensory stimulation.
We can use combination therapy on almost every part of the body-upper, middle and lower back, shoulders, forearms, hips, knees and ankles.

Treatment Examples

Acute Sprains of the ankle is quite a common injury we see at the clinic. It usually involves an acute lesion/tear of the lateral ligament of the ankle. Patients with this type of injury are ideal candidates for combination therapy.

Ultrasound is justified on the basis that it will encourage healing by reducing inflammation and stimulating the repair process. And electrical stimulation is used for its effect on reducing acute pain and stimulates muscle function.

Here at Emirates European Medical Centre we use high tech Zimmer equipment, that has the capability to utilize combination therapy and therefore we see quicker results and easier return of our patients to their daily activities without pain.

Some other cases where this therapy is useful are:-

  • post chiropractic treatment to reduce inflammation and help normalise muscle tone
  • after therapeutic muscle stripping to decrease after pain
  • frozen shoulder
  • low back pain
  • upper back pain and rib inflammation lateral epicondylitis