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Cross Syndrome-A possible cause of lower back, hip and leg pain?

Have you observed or noticed any changes in your body posture lately, specifically along your lower back area? And also, have you been experiencing lower back pain, buttocks or even hip pain? There are a lot of factors that causes … Continue reading

Post Operation Physical Therapy Rehabilitation

People with musculoskeletal pain resort to a “quick fix” solution to alleviate them of their agony. An acute or even a long standing musculoskeletal pain, especially after trauma, can be treated conservatively through protection by splinting the part, rest, ice … Continue reading

Regaining balance with Multiple Sclerosis

Here at Chiropractic Dubai, we are experts dealing with a variety of musculoskeletal cases and performing pain management treatment. I have encountered a lot of cases with musculoskeletal problems manifesting neurologic symptoms. Most of the patients who come for treatment … Continue reading

Can sleeping on your side cause damage to your shoulder?

The shoulder is perhaps the most complicated joint in the body. Many other joints, such as the elbow and fingertip joints are like simple hinges. They can only bend in one direction and straighten out. The shoulder, however, is what … Continue reading

Pediatric Rehabilitation At Chiropractic Dubai

Each child has a right to reach their optimum potential, develop their skills and to be able to integrate themselves into the society. These initial years are also the crucial times to develop their mental, emotional and physical capabilities that … Continue reading